Basic Geography

The first thing anyone should know about the study of this great world is its basic geography.  The largest and most populated continent is, perhaps somewhat unimaginatively, named Orin.  Here you will find many of the worlds oldest and greatest nations, such as the the 9 Cities, the Sunlight Empire, and the Southern Republics. In addition to these, there are dozens of lesser principalities and kingdoms dotting the land.  The vast majority of the continent is of a temperate climate, and is quite mountainous, with many vales, glens, and valleys, explaining why no power has conquered the entirety of the place in over a thousand years.  The land is mostly inhabited by humans, though elves, halflings, gnomes, and even the rare dwarf make an appearance.

To the east lies the Great Sea, an ocean with no apparent limits.  There are (uncorroborated) tales of even mighty wizards casting their greatest spells and still finding no end to its great waters.  Supposedly, Sahuagin, Nagas, and even Merfolk make their homes at the bottom of the Sea, but I have been unable to check firsthand.  Even my courage has its limits.


To the south lies the Red Desert.  Much like the Great Sea, this massive desert with, as one would expect, red sand, stretches beyond the point that any have ever crossed it.  Along the northern coast lies the Caliphates, and several merchant republics that trade with the lands to the north.  The dwarves mostly make their homes here, as a mighty mountain chain runs along the coast, where they have carved their halls.


To the north lies the Wastes, a shattered land where great empires once ruled.  The land beyond the fortresses along the coast are infested with undead and other unnatural beasts that seek nothing more than to slaughter the living.  This land is largely unexplored, as it is far too dangerous to travel far beyond its boundaries for more than a few days to the massive amounts of latent necromantic magic.

Basic Geography

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